WWE NXT Review (9/28/2021)

WWE NXT Review (9/28/2021) by Anthony S. DiSalvatore

After last week’s victory in the four-way match, Tomasso Ciampa is the new NXT champion! But the rise of Bronson Steiner continues, and he’s not far behind. The show opens with Swerve Scott’s new rap group. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not interested in any rap music that came out after 1992. I know Swerve’s here, but his group’s all dressed very similarly. This is actually a good thing since they’re supposed to be running together anyway, but it makes it hard for me to tell them apart. Anyway, their new girl is supposed to be against Santos Escobar’s group’s girl in a no disqualification match later on, which I won’t be talking about here for a few reasons, mostly to save time. In total, there are THREE girls’ matches scheduled on tonight’s program, so you’re all lucky I’m giving this any time, to begin with. Raquel Gonzalez will be on later, so I’ll be glad to talk about that!

The next segment features Joe Gacy, who’s still carrying himself like a high school guidance counselor. I still don’t understand all this. I have no comments, besides that, he has a strong resemblance to Kevin Owens, but he’s a little leaner. He was able to ramble for several minutes without being interrupted, which I’ll gladly take over anything with Gargano or his people in it.

Xyon Quinn vs. Oney Lorcan

It’s the battle of the unwieldy pro wrestling names! Much like Joe Gacy resembles Kevin Owens, Oney Lorcan favors Cesaro. If only he inherited Cesaro’s ring work! Quinn has muscles, but he has no clue what he’s doing yet. He looks like a dog trying to stand up in the back of a moving car, but he still wins with Tito Santana’s Flying Burrito. The crowd gives him golf claps. Let’s move on.

Up next is an in-ring promo from the current tag team champions, MSK. I just watched TNA Bound for Glory from 2009 last Saturday, and these two remind me of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. Not in a good way, because the TNA fans actually liked and respected those guys after several years of working their way up, while this crowd is totally indifferent. They’re interrupted by Grizzled Young Veterans (another rotten name) and Carmelo Hayes, with his hype man. Why is Hayes acting like a dick now? He has a lot of natural heroic qualities, but he’s stuck doing this. One of the MSK guys is trying to recite his lines, but his partner’s making faces the entire time. I’m not sure why. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen enter next, but they don’t get far before they get talked over too. LA Knight can out-talk every single one of these people in his sleep. When will any of these guys be allowed to finish a thought? Bad News Barrett couldn’t understand any of this, so I’m glad I’m not the only one. 

Boa vs. Andre Chase

Again, the crowd doesn’t care about this. Boa’s accompanied by the girl from the Ring and Chase is dressed like a preppy college nerd. I guess they couldn’t book Gargano this week, so they found somebody who looks exactly like him instead. Close enough! Boa gets the win after the girl spits some kind of goo in Chase’s face. Oh well.

Roderick Strong vs. Grayson Waller

This is indeed a match on tonight’s program, but I can’t say much else about it because I don’t care about either guy. I’m convinced Bronson Steiner could tear both of them apart with one hand just as a warm-up. I’ve just learned the draft starts on Friday and carries over to Monday. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Bronson drafted with a futures contract, and build him up as a contender for six months before he ever shows up, and then have him fight for the belt? Even if he hasn’t totally figured it out in the ring yet, he definitely has enough personality to get by. Bronson got a nice video package before this match, and he still sounds a lot like his uncle whenever he speaks. He says he doesn’t give a shit what Ciampa thinks, he’s coming for the belt. Excellent! This match took way too long, and Strong won after a knee to the face. It’s too bad they couldn’t give Bronson any ring time this week. 

It’s time for LA Knight! He’s apparently challenged Odyssey Jones to a match next week. LA Knight does more LA Knight things, then he’s interrupted by Odyssey Jones. Andre Chase shows up for some reason, then Knight beats OJ down. Thanks for coming, OJ! And why did Chase need to be there? What’s going on with this program? Once again, the best talker on the show isn’t able to finish a thought. This has been painful so far.

Ridge Holland vs. Kyle O’Reilly

This match starts with Kyle getting the jump on Ridge during his entrance before Pete Dunne shows up to help Ridge beat him down. Trust me, Ridge didn’t need the help. This may not seem like the best idea on Kyle’s part, but it’s common for heroes in pro wrestling to fight with their hearts instead of their brains. After a commercial, this match takes place anyway. Not only does it last too long for Ridge at his experience level, but he takes the pin after Pete Dunne tries to make a distraction! This is not a good night for Ridge. Pete gets the jump on Kyle again, then Von Wagner shows up to make the save.

It’s time for an update from my close personal friend, Tony DiAngelo! He gives us more of his family history, but it’s brief and not worth talking about. I still like his confidence and delivery, but these promos are pre-recorded. I’d like to see how he does in the ring when he doesn’t have multiple takes. He’ll be on next week, which I’m excited for personally. It’s time for the last match of the night!

Raquel Gonzalez vs. Franky Monet: NXT Women’s Championship

This is the most interesting match of the night by far. Both of these women are around the six feet tall mark and have lots of attitude. Monet is surrounded by Robert Stone and all of his nonsense at this point, but she still has a ton of talent and promise. Raquel opens with some power moves, including a huge fallaway slam. Franky appears to be hurt and bails to the floor. Raquel tries to drag her up the stairs, but gets yanked down instead and lands hard on the floor. Monet takes control after a snap suplex. She puts on a surfboard stretch, which is totally unnecessary for a girl her size. Just trade power moves!

Raquel fires up and throws a clothesline and back elbow, followed by a slingshot elbow drop off the ropes. She’s remarkably agile for a woman her size. Monet tries to throw a big boot, but Raquel wins after a chokeslam. This was a decent match between two ladies with real star quality that didn’t drag once. Nicely done! After the match, Mandy Rose and her people show up and beat up Franky and Robert Stone before going after Raquel. Haven’t we seen enough girls on this program? It was old an hour ago! They all enter the ring and beat Raquel down to end the show. What did this prove? Even when Bad News Barrett did this with Nexus years ago, everybody knew he has a legit bare-knuckle boxing background, so he was enough of a threat on his own. I don’t have that same feeling with these girls. No Bronson Steiner, a promo via satellite from the reigning champion, and far too many girls segments. Just make a girls wrestling show and get it over with! This was a profound waste of time.

Anthony DiSalvatore

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