WWE NXT Review (9/21/2021)

WWE NXT Review (9/21/2021) by Anthony S. DiSalvatore

After last week’s reboot, I’m much more excited to see what’s next with this program! It’s lots brighter, and there are some new faces! Finally! Now if they could just get rid of Gargano. Anyway, Tomasso Ciampa won the NXT title again last week in a four-way after Samoa Joe vacated it. What’s next for Bronson Steiner? When will Tony DiAngelo show up? The program opens with Ciampa, who shows up looking as insane as ever. He’s got the belt, and some other guys are there to show their support. I recognize Odyssey Jones and Bronson Steiner. Ciampa thinks the belt talks to him, which is easy to buy since he looks like he lives under a bridge.

Cameron Grimes shows up and things are only bound to get worse from here. He enters the ring and Joe Gacy blocks him. He doesn’t get far before LA Knight shows up! Excellent microphone work as always. The rest of these guys can’t touch him! OJ pipes up and tells Knight he lost twice last week. It’s a shame, but that’s accurate. Pete Dunne and RIDGE enter next. Nobody’s interested in what Pete says. Get on with it! There’s a big brawl. Too bad the Steiner brothers couldn’t show up to help their kin, this thing would have ended much sooner. Bronson grabs the microphone and tells the other guys to grow some balls and fight him. He sounds like his uncle Scott! I like this dude more every time I see him.

Roderick Strong vs. Kushida: NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Let’s get this out of the way early: I don’t care about either guy in this match, and I don’t have long enough to live for them to change my mind. I don’t understand why Roderick Strong of all people has a group, to begin with. They’re both underneath guys, and this is only the opening match, so I don’t plan on covering all the moves in great detail or anything. In the end, Kushida puts on a keylock, and Strong’s men make the save behind the ref’s back. There’s a jacked-up girl with them and she drops Kushida with a single punch. Strong makes the pin and wins the belt! Things can only get better from here. After the match, some goofball with frosted tips dances out to ringside and makes a challenge for the belt. Nice to see they’re just letting anyone have title matches now!

After this, we get a promo from my good friend, Tony DiAngelo! He’s standing out by a dock where his family may have made some shady business deals in the past. When he was a kid, his uncle Paulie told him the most important things in life are business and family. This is right out of Goodfellas. I love that movie! His family’s already achieved success by any means necessary, and the only thing left is for him to succeed as a wrestler. He’ll be on NXT soon. He’s a stereotype in many ways, but I’m not offended by it. I like his confidence! I can’t wait to see him get some microphone time in the ring. This guy seems like a real straight shooter.

Time for more Bronson Steiner promo time! He’ll be in a tag team match later tonight alongside Tomasso Ciampa. He’s excited to get the chance to say the least, but Ciampa totally interrupts his promo time! He wants to know if Bronson’s ready, which he always is. Bronson says he can’t think of a better partner to have than the champ. He’s gunning for Ciampa’s title! Ciampa’s probably the only one crazy enough to try him. They’re showing a lot of faith in Bronson early. It’s great to see.

Dante Chen vs. Trey Baxter

I know absolutely nothing about Dante Chen, except that he comes from Singapore. He’s announced at 215, but he’s in decent shape. Trey goes for an inside cradle, but Chen reverses it into a sitdown ass slam for a quick three count. That can’t be good for Trey’s tailbone, but I’m not sure a guy from Singapore will get much support from this crowd. We’ll see what happens. Next up is Joe Gacy, who gets the Elias intro. He’s here to settle all the conflicts in NXT. His uncle John would be proud. Is he a high school guidance counselor? The crowd is not liking this. 

Cameron Grimes vs. Joe Gacy

Too bad Ridge isn’t here. Gacy’s wrestling in a dress shirt and suit pants, so I don’t expect this to last very long. Gacy goes for a big corner splash and misses, then does a handspring clothesline! Shocking! This dude must be about 250 pounds, even though his outfit is very slimming. Grimes drops him with a double stomp for the win, but Gacy at least got a cool move in before he lost. This thing he’s doing is dead on arrival. Why would a pro wrestler want to settle conflicts using words? Gacy hugs Grimes after the match and leaves, which makes him look even more feckless and impotent.

Odyssey Jones vs. Two Underneath Guys

These guys have names, but I missed them. Their total combined weight can’t be more than 300 pounds, so OJ will have no trouble destroying them. Andre Chase, who looks like Johnny Gargano but with different clothes, shows up at ringside and tries to make a distraction. It doesn’t work. OJ does a cross body and crushes both opponents, then does a splash off the second rope for a pin on both guys at once. The crowd is really behind Odyssey. Chase tries to blast him with a chair, but gets blocked and runs off. What a girl!

Pete Dunne & Ridge Holland vs. Tomasso Ciampa & Bronson Steiner

I like Ridge a whole lot! Too bad he’s stuck teaming with a broomstick. Bronson has everything it takes to be a major star here or anywhere else, so I’ll be watching him more closely in this match than anyone else. It’s important to note that Ridge and Dunne didn’t get an entrance, which should make it clear who the winners will be. The match opens with Pete and Ciampa, but I’m only interested in Bronson and Ridge. Bronson and Ridge tag in shortly and now I’m into it. There’s a lockup, but neither guy budges. Good look for Bronson, he’s fighting up a few weight classes. Bronson tosses Ridge around amateur style, then slams Dunne for good measure. He’s awesome! Ciampa and Dunne tag back in, and now things are a lot less interesting for me.

After a break, we’re down to Ridge and Ciampa, who both struggle to suplex each other before Ciampa is successful. They’re doing it all wrong! Bronson tags in and runs through both Ridge and Pete. He’s using Scott’s moves to do it. The crowd loves him. The STEINER RECLINER is applied and the crowd blows up, but he doesn’t get the submission yet. Why do they always have to drag these matches out for so long? That would have been a perfect ending! Ciampa and Pete both get suplexed, so they’re out for a while. I guess the ref’s just letting them go. Bronson and Ridge are left alone and they knock each other out with clotheslines. Pete tries to grab Ridge’s beating stick, but he gets foiled by Kyle O’Reilly, who I guess had nothing better to do. Ciampa lays Pete out with Randy Orton’s DDT, and Bronson destroys Ridge with a press slam for the win! Super impressive match for Bronson. I watched his family every week growing up and he reminds me of them every time. It won’t be long before he’s the man around here. Bronson goes for the belt after the match, but Ciampa stops him. It’s only a matter of time before Bronson dumps Ciampa on his head. 

Anthony DiSalvatore

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