WWE NXT Review (9/14/2021)

WWE NXT Review (9/14/2021) by Anthony S. DiSalvatore

I missed last week’s episode because it was utterly pointless in my mind, but there’s actually a reason for excitement this week! It’s time for the NXT reboot! I’ve complained many times about how dry the show is, and my immediate impression is there’s a lot more color, which is a start. There’s a four-way match scheduled for later, after incumbent champion Samoa Joe had to give the belt up due to injury. No surprise there, his knees have been bad for years. All the arena lights are on, which is a nice change. 

LA Knight vs. Bron Breaker

Right away, Cameron Grimes is nowhere to be found! Knight’s opponent looks like a Steiner brother from the early 90s. Not bad, but his name is utterly ridiculous. Breaker does some suplexes and clotheslines, followed by a press slam for the win! WOW! Are we sure this dude isn’t related to the Steiner clan? 

Imperium vs. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen

Briggs and Jensen look like they came from one of those newer country music videos. Flannel shirts and beards, and they’re probably already drunk. I like Imperium because they run with Walter, but by themselves they’re a bit generic. Jensen goes to the top rope, but gets distracted. The bald Imperium guy meets him there and gives him a butterfly suplex for the pin and the win. I like the pace of this program so far. Keep going!

Ridge Holland vs. Drake Maverick

RIDGE! I’m a big fan, but he’s new at this, so this match has to be short. Ridge runs through Drake with ease and wins after less than three minutes with a Snow Plow. Excellent!

The Creed Brothers vs. Two Underneath Guys

Truth be told, all these guys are underneath, but this is a showcase for the Creeds. They’re both legit amateur wrestlers, and they toss these poor guys around like the Steiners used to in 1992, complete with dragging one guy to his corner to tag in his partner. Did one of the Steiners get hired as a producer on this program? Creed Brothers win, and not a minute too soon. Speaking of amateur wrestling, they aired a promo for this dude Tony DiAngelo, who comes from New York and wrestled at the University of Buffalo. I like this dude already!

Pete Dunne vs. LA Knight vs. Von Wagner vs. Tomasso Ciampa: NXT Championship

This is the four-way match I warned you about at the start, but there’s been a slight change. After a run-in backstage with Ridge Holland earlier, Kyle O’Reilly’s been rendered unable to compete. No clue who his replacement is, but he has size if nothing else. Like with most of these multiple-person matches, I’m not really into it and I’ll be sticking to the greatest hits. To be clear, this is not elimination rules. A single fall will win this match! Knight already lost in the opener to the new Steiner, but I think he might be able to sneak up on these dudes and win the whole thing.

Wagner reminds me of the old Hulk show from the 60s. He’s huge, but I’m not sure he has the experience to be at this level yet. Ciampa’s a nutcase who will do anything to get the belt back, Knight is the most well-rounded guy in this match, and Pete Dunne I can take or leave. Everybody waits on the floor so Ciampa can do a dive. Ciampa goes for his pedigree on Dunne, but it’s blocked. Everybody comes in and does their big moves. Wagner does an Angle slam for a close two count. Ciampa and Dunne gang up to take Wagner out and they’re the last ones standing. Ciampa drops Knight with a pedigree and wins. I hate these because they’re always hard to follow. If Knight couldn’t win this, Ciampa was the next best choice. There were a lot of bright spots on this program, and not just because the show itself is much brighter. I’m just waiting for Tony DiAngelo to show up!

Anthony DiSalvatore

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