WWE Monday Night RAW Review (9/27/2021)

WWE Monday Night RAW Review (9/27/2021) by Anthony S. DiSalvatore

We’re officially one night removed from Extreme Rules, where nothing of note happened. But there’s a world title match scheduled for tonight between Bobby Lashley and Big E! It’s about time! Tonight’s show comes from Cincinnati, and Lashley and E are supposed to open this thing.

Big vs. Bobby Lashley: WWE Championship

It’s about time Bobby Lashley got his rightful rematch after that thief Big E stole the belt from him! Unlike last time, Bobby’s totally fine now. And he’s pissed! MVP’s not here to keep Bobby on a leash, so this might get ugly. The bell rings and there’s a lockup. Bobby backs E into the corner, and E decides to slap him. Stupid! Bobby responds by beating Big E’s face in for several minutes. I admire his focus! Bobby suplexes E very easily, but he only gets a one count. The match leaves the ring and Bobby smashes E into the ringpost. I would say he’s enjoying this, but he’s in the zone. E finally suplexes Lashley on the floor. After a break, Bobby’s still firmly in control. E’s in way over his head.

E gets to his feet and tries to fire up, but he eats a back elbow. Lashley sets Big E up for a superplex. It doesn’t work, so Bobby decides to pop E right in the face and he falls down to the floor. So far, it’s been a cakewalk for Lashley. Both guys knock each other down on the floor with clotheslines, but they make it back to the ring in time to avoid the count-out. Big E goes for his corner Rock Bottom, but Bobby’s able to block it. Bobby is sweating profusely like he always does, but he’s only just getting started. I’m not sure how much longer this will go. E tries for the Big Ending, but Bobby uses the ropes to break free. Big E follows with his inside-out spear. Cool move, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander show up wearing their old Hurt Business gear! Looks like they’re teaming up with Lashley again! Bobby nails the spear, but he’s not able to get the pin before Kofi and Xavier Woods show up and get this match thrown out. Why won’t they give Lashley a fair chance? It’s not a secret he could destroy Big E if he wanted to. Adam Pearce shows up and confirms this match will take place later after a short recess, but this time it’ll be in a steel cage. Good to see Shelton and Cedric again!

Erik (Viking Raiders) vs. Angel Garza

This is a singles match between two guys who are primarily tag team wrestlers, so the end result really makes no difference. Their respective partners are at ringside, but they are non-factors in this one. Erik uses his strength to take control over the smaller Garza, but Garza wins in short order with a sit-down ass slam after Carrillo distracts him. Nothing special, let’s move on.

Akira Tozawa Makes an Open Challenge!

I guess Tozawa’s done wrestling for the 24/7 title. He’s here to wrestle bigger competition. Who will be his opponent this week? It’s KEITH LEE, who hasn’t wrestled on this show since Bobby Lashley beat him about six weeks ago, and before that, it had been several months. He’s not here to talk or screw around. He’s dead serious, he’s got a goatee now, and his new name is Bearcat. That works for him because he’s both huge and agile! He destroys Tozawa in less than a minute and leaves. Very simple! Nicely done!

Damian Priest vs. Sheamus: United States Championship

This match should have happened at Extreme Rules last night for the final time, but instead Jeff Hardy had to be there and he threw the entire match off. Sheamus is a much better opponent for Priest because their styles complement each other well and nobody in this crowd is about to cheer Sheamus during this match. These guys have been fighting for the belt for months now, so I hope they move on from each other for a while after this. Anything goes in this match also, which only supports my point that this belonged on the show last night. There’s no clear favorite from the start until Sheamus gets the upper hand by throwing kidney punches and an elbow smash to Priest’s ear. Ouch!

Priest goes to the floor and sets up a table before kicking Priest in the face. Sheamus lifts Priest onto his shoulders and jumps off the apron, slamming him through the table! Both these guys are tough as nails. Priest has been doing a lot of the heavy lifting on this show lately. He’s definitely earning the respect of the people, and possibly Sheamus too. Nothing says I love you in Gaelic like a punch to the kidneys. After a commercial break, so both guys can recover, Sheamus is trying to choke Priest out with a stick. Priest is able to power out briefly, but Sheamus blasts him in the kidneys again, hard enough to put Priest on his knees. Sheamus props a table up in the corner then goes to the top rope, but Priest intercepts him with the stick and knocks him out of the ring. Both these guys are bleeding from various places on their body.

Priest is heavily bruised, but he’s not out of this match yet. He fires up once more with some punches and kicks. Sheamus tries for the big boot but gets a chair in his face for his trouble. Priest does a cool sit-down chokeslam for a two count, then throws some high roundhouse kicks and a springboard clothesline. I like Priest, but his springboards always look awkward. Maybe it’s because he’s so tall? Priest sets up for the Cross Rhodes, but Sheamus blocks it using pure upper body strength. Impressive, but it doesn’t last long before Priest tosses him through a table and nails the Cross Rhodes on the second try for the win. Good match! This would have been better to see last night than the triple threat. Priest has had a lot of success lately. I’m all for it!

Jinder Mahal & His Men vs. Mustafa Ali, Mansoor & Jeff Hardy

Why is this match happening? No idea! Mansoor takes most of the heat before Jinder and Jeff Hardy tag in. Jeff does the same comeback he does in every match, but the crowd still seems to enjoy it. They’re in Cincinnati this week, so there’s no accounting for taste. Mustafa Ali tags in and does a cool front flip facebuster move, then the match breaks down. Jinder’s smaller associate pins Mustafa after a clothesline. Bummer! This is not a good sign for Mustafa. 

Karrion Kross vs. Jackson Ryker

Haven’t seen Ryker in a while, but he kicked Elias’s ass more than once, so he shouldn’t be counted out of this immediately. Right away, Kross tries to tell Ryker he’s the commanding officer now. Ryker is a former US Marine who’s seen active combat, so that’s not a good idea. I don’t agree with it! Kross dumps Ryker on his head and wins after a rear-naked choke. What happened to Ryker, and for that matter, where’s Elias? I saw some promos where he was standing over a gravestone with his name on it, then nothing. What the fuck?

AJ Styles vs. Matt Riddle

Without Randy Orton, this match does nothing for me. I keep waiting for these guys and their partners to move on from each other, but we see some combination of them in the ring together every week it seems. The more I see Styles, the more I think he needs a break. After about ten minutes, Riddle wants the RKO, but Styles blocks it and dumps him on his head before giving him the Styles Clash for the win. Don’t let my indifference to this match fool you, it was decent if you have the time to watch it. I’m just not a fan of either of these dudes by themselves. After the match, Omos enters the ring and now I’m interested! He gives Riddle a chokeslam and leaves him laying. No Randy Orton! I hope he’s not trapped in a time warp like he was last time. I couldn’t handle that again!

Bobby Lashley vs. Big E, Round 2! IN A STEEL CAGE!

This is the same as the match we got at the opening of the program, but there’s a cage now so neither man’s team can ruin it again. Bobby gets the jump on E during his entrance and kicks his ass all over the ringside area. This is the difference between a real fighter and a clown. It’s all Lashley on the outside, but it’s important to mention that this match never truly started. Both guys have to enter the ring first, and E never got in there. Bobby hits E across the back with some stairs, and they have to go to break. This match better happen! It’s a complete joke that E hasn’t gotten the belt back by now. 

After the break, this match has finally started. Big E is seriously hurt, and Bobby thinks this is hilarious. Remember, Big E won the belt a couple weeks ago after Bobby sustained a leg injury. Now the tables have turned! Big E has gotten little to no offense so far. Crush him Bobby! Bobby sets up for the spear, but E sidesteps him and bashes Bobby into the cage a few times. Bobby tries for a full nelson, but E’s shoulders are too big for this move to work. Bobby may still be able to apply it, but I haven’t seen him do it yet. Bobby tries to climb out, but Big E tries to give him a Big Ending off the top rope instead. It fails, and Bobby turns it into a dragon sleeper! He chokes E out, then tries to climb out. I’m not one to argue with Lashley, but I think a pin would have been the better decision there. Big E meets Bobby up on the ropes, then knocks Bobby down before trying to climb out himself. Where are Shelton and Cedric?!

Shelton and Cedric enter on cue, and they stop E from escaping! Great move! Bobby tries to crawl out the door, but here comes New Day. I hate these people! They’re like badgers! Kofi does a big dive off the cage. Everybody’s down, including E and Lashley. This is getting interesting! Both guys are on the top rope again and Bobby gets all of a superplex. All the guys on the floor have been rightfully kicked out of this match, so it’s down to the original two. This is the way it should be! Big E starts a comeback with his usual suplexes, but he takes a spear when he tries to go off the ropes for his big splash. It’s a two-count! What? Nobody kicks out of that! The crowd seems to be getting behind Big E, but this isn’t a fairy tale. More often than not, the bad guys win. Bobby tells the ref to open the cage door, but E stops him from walking out. Bobby’s so pissed! Don’t make him angry! Bobby goes for a clothesline, but eats the Big Ending for a two count. Hallelujah! This match isn’t over yet! Sanity’s going to prevail one way or another.

Big E takes a turn to walk out, but Bobby grabs his leg. Big E tries to pick Bobby up for something, but he almost loses him. Bobby gets pissed and drops E decisively with a chokeslam. What a beast! I remember when he did that to Keith Lee once. That was crazy! Both guys end up on the ropes again, and E goes for his top rope Big Ending. He nails it this time and Bobby takes another pin. That’s the third loss for Lashley in as many weeks. Even though E won this, that doesn’t change the fact that Lashley clearly had it in their last match before New Day got involved. This entire reign is a farce and I hate it! After the match, Drew McIntyre shows up and it looks like he’ll be the next challenger for E’s title. I don’t care, I just want Big E to lose.

Anthony DiSalvatore

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