WWE Monday Night RAW Review (10/25/2021)

WWE Monday Night RAW Review (10/25/2021) by Anthony S. DiSalvatore

It’s Monday yet again, which means it’s time for another RAW episode. After last Thursday’s Saudi Arabia show, everybody who’s been drafted is finally settled into their new places. I guess we can expect a relatively clean slate this week. Tonight’s episode comes to you from Houston. 

Street Prophets vs. RooDolph vs. Chad Gable & Otis

As a rule, I hate triple threats. What’s a way to make this even worse? Make it a tag team match! We’re off to a great start. I don’t care who wins as long as the Street Prophets lose. Chad Gable and Montez Ford start this match in the ring. RooDolph would be smart to avoid all contact for as long as possible. Let their opponents do the work! Ford does an awkward dropkick, then Dawkins comes in to help double team RooDolph. The ref’s not doing anything about it. Otis tags in and everything stops. He’s knocked out of the ring, but doesn’t leave his feet. After the break, Ford tries to tag out before he’s blocked by Dolph. Both Ford and Dolph are down after a powerbomb, so Otis tags in and looks to clean up. He runs into the ringpost, then Gable tags in to take all the heat from Dawkins on his comeback. Gable and Otis do an awesome combination German suplex and clothesline, but Ford breaks up the pin with his mega frog splash before he dives on Otis.

Ford sets up for a frog splash on Roode to win this, but he hasn’t been tagged in yet. He’s still learning. Omos shows up at ringside and he’s pissed at everyone. Ford tries to jump on him and gets tossed into the barricade wall easily. Dawkins is worried about his partner and turns his back before walking right into a combination zigzag and Perfect Spinebuster from RooDolph for the win! By virtue of this victory, RooDolph has earned another tag team title match. It’s about time! I’m just happy the Street Prophets lost.

Damian Priest vs. T-Bar

I forgot Priest was United States Champion! He’s been there long enough to have officially run out of contenders, so T-Bar challenged him to a match to prove his manhood. He’s finally by himself now, but he’s still dressed in a ridiculous outfit with some silly face paint. Despite this, he’s a capable athlete who shouldn’t be underestimated. He has nothing to lose in this one. Priest goes for the Cross Rhodes right away, but T-Bar’s able to power out of it and does a spinning big boot instead. I like that move! T-Bar gives Priest a chokeslam, then climbs to the top rope for a moonsault and NAILS IT! That felt unnecessary. T-Bar gets knocked to the floor before he grabs an announcer’s chair and throws it at Priest. That’s a disqualification! The match is over, but Priest still kicks the shit out of T-Bar to prove a point. That’s what he gets for wearing a silly outfit!

Keith Lee vs. Cedric Alexander

Keith’s going all the way with this Bearcat thing! For those of you who don’t know, this is a takeoff of Bearcat Brown, which most of you won’t recognize if you don’t have access to Google. In that case, what are you doing here? Keith has some new ring gear and looks to have finally woken up after sleepwalking for well over a year. And he’s not talking anymore! Cedric immediately gets hucked across the ring and thinks about bailing, but Shelton Benjamin’s there to talk him out of it. Big mistake! Cedric goes for a back handspring, but gets wrecked with a body block. Keith wins after a sweet powerslam. The crowd was pretty much dead for this, but that’s okay because neither of these guys are going out of their way to be cheered. In any event, this is a far better use of Keith than anything else he’s done before. After the match, Shelton thinks about standing up for his friend but thinks better of it after sizing Keith up. Shelton’s a great athlete, but I don’t think he’s prepared to fight up a couple weight classes this week.

Austin Theory vs. Dominic

Both these guys are under 25, but Theory’s still far ahead of Dominic in the ring. He opens with a perfect standing dropkick! Not to be outdone, Dominic tries a dropkick of it, but he almost missed the target. Dominic tries to steal more of his dad’s shit, but he takes a nice backbreaker instead, but he kicks out. Theory gives Dominic a TKO for the win. This match was totally one-sided. Theory has a ton of talent, but his gimmick sucks. Moving on!

Randy Orton & Matt Riddle vs. RooDolph: Tag Team Championship

I thought this was happening next week! Even though RooDolph is a great team in their own right with several previous title reigns to their credit, Orton and Riddle should have the advantage here since they haven’t wrestled yet. Dolph and Riddle start with some ground wrestling before Roode and Orton tag in. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! Orton goes for a standing switch, but Roode counters with a back elbow and some corner punches. Orton responds with a thumb to the eye and some uppercuts. He goes for an RKO early, but Roode’s been around far too long to fall for that.

After a very long commercial, Dolph and Riddle are in the ring before Roode tags in. Looks like Riddle’s been taking all the heat for the entire break. He finally tags in Orton, who does his clotheslines and powerslam. Orton sets up for the DDT, but Roode counters after a distraction from Dolph. Orton ends up laid out on the floor. They can’t win the belts by count-out, so RooDolph has to scramble to get Orton back in the ring. Dolph continues pouring it on before Orton gets to his feet, but Roode tags in and puts on a sleeper hold. Orton finally breaks free and Riddle tags in for a comeback on both opponents. He tried to throw a kick to Dolph’s head, but he totally missed it. Orton drops Roode with an RKO, then Riddle pins Dolph after an inside cradle. This match felt a little long to me, but maybe that’s because they go to break now during every match. I’m prepared to tolerate Riddle as long as he teams with Randy Orton, but I still think Orton deserves better than this.

Rey Mysterio vs. Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor

Every match just has to have multiple people in it! This is a four-way ladder match, complete with a purely symbolic contract hanging over the ring for no discernable reason. Kevin enters and headbutts a ladder during his entrance. What a dork! I have no personal stake in this because I hate all these people equally for individual reasons. They’ve been allowed 30 minutes for this, which I’m confident will mostly be taken up by commercial breaks. The announcers have clarified that the winner of this match will fight against Big E at some point for the belt, which makes this match even worse. I don’t want to see any of these people as world champ, and I don’t think any of them could get a decent match out of Big E anyway. It just gets better and better.

The match starts with everybody ganging up on Rollins, then everybody pairs off. Kevin fights Seth on the floor and Finn fights Mysterio in the ring. Not much else to say about that. Finn goes for a ladder early, but Rollins blocks him. Kevin hits everybody with the ladder before Rey tries to dive onto him while he’s holding it. Bad decision! Finn and Kevin are left alone in the ring and Finn gets powerbombed onto the ladder. Kevin tries to follow with a flippity flop, but he misses and snaps the ladder in half. All somebody has to do to win this is stand around while everybody else kills themselves with stupid dives!

After another break, there’s still 20 minutes of show time left. Seth is holding a ladder and squawking about something before a ladder gets tipped over on him and Kevin gets thrown on top. Seth should be out of this for a while. Finn climbs up and tries to pull the contract down, but Rey Mysterio’s there to block him before Kevin pushes the entire ladder down. Kevin takes a turn to climb up, but Rollins is there to stop him from getting to the top. Seth powerbombs Kevin into the corner, but Kevin doesn’t leave his feet and throws a superkick instead. This is every indy ladder match ever. Rey gets involved briefly before Kevin smashes his face into the ladder. Kevin sets up a table on the floor, then Finn shows up and Seth dives on them both. Why is nobody setting a ladder up in the ring to climb it? Kevin sets up for the KO Bomb, but Rey sets up for the 619 instead. That move’s stupid in any match, but it’s even worse when there are no pins. Rey uses the ladder as a fulcrum and comes down on the floor on top of Kevin. That had to hurt!

Seth and Rey stand around and throw punches before Finn dives on them. What an idiot! Set up the ladder and climb it! After what I expect to be the final break, Rey climbs all the way up to the top of the ladder before he’s rejected by Seth Rollins. As I’ve said, no matter who wins this match, I’ve already lost. With just a few minutes left, everybody takes turns doing all their big moves and they all fall down. Seth could be winning this match right now, but he’s too busy mugging for the camera on the floor before Finn hits him from behind. Finn sets up a ladder bridge, which is both dangerous and unnecessary for this match. Rey and Finn end up near the top of the ladder, but Kevin pulls Finn down and gives him a stunner. Rey flips Kevin out to the floor and tries for a dive, but gets powerbombed through a nearby table. Kevin finally reaches the top, but he can’t unhook the contract, so the match continues.

Kevin sets up for a powerbomb through the outside ladder bridge, but Seth dumps him over the top rope and Kevin ends up falling through it instead. Seth curb stomps Finn, then climbs up and wins. This might be the worst outcome I could possibly think of, because now everybody will have to listen to Rollins talk more. I never said he couldn’t wrestle, but he’ll have a hard time getting anything besides the usual out of Big E. Overall, this match wasn’t bad, and neither was the show as a whole. It’s just a shame there are no real stars left.

Anthony DiSalvatore

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