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Over the years we have seen the WWE drop the ball on many superstars, angles, and feuds. Some more egregious than others. However, there are some, in particular, that stick out to me and still eat me up inside. Let’s take a look at my top 10 WWE missed opportunities.

10.) Mr. Kennedy

Ken Anderson was once labeled as the fastest-rising superstar in Smackdown history. He had the look, the mic skills, and the ring talent to back it up. He even picked up clean wins over Batista and The Undertaker, thus we thought he’d become a huge star. He was Mr. Money in the Bank. He was in the running to be Vince’s illegitimate son. And just like that, he was gone. Mr. Kennedy could have been a multiple-time World Champion. Talk about a missed opportunity.

9.) Paige/Charlotte Rivalry

Paige and Charlotte could have had a rivalry that was similar to Ric Flair and Sting, iconic, but like most of the angles in the 2010s the booking was brutal. Paige had already made a name for herself as one of the better workers and the WWE was trying to push a rookie Flair. Unfortunately, I think the mentioning of Reid Flair’s untimely death killed this program prematurely and we would never see this feud again.

8.) Balor Club

This was something that we all wanted to see. Styles, Anderson, Gallows, and the Prince himself never had a run together. What made this worse was that it was teased on a multitude of occasions. Styles did get to have short runs with the Gallows and Anderson but we wanted the pairing of all 4 but we never got it and we never will.

7.) Ryback

There was one point in time where the WWE almost successfully recreated Goldberg 2.0 in Ryback. He would show up destroy his opponents and leave. He was so hot with the crowd and was given the opportunity to work CM Punk for the WWE Championship. However, instead of strapping the rocket to his back, the WWE not only didn’t put him over they killed his momentum completely. After failing to capture the title from Punk, Ryback slid down the card and eventually got released.

6.) The Shield Split

I hated to see the mismanagement of this angle because the seeds were set. WWE could have and should have made Roman Reigns a huge star coming out of this without having to force-feed him down our throats. WWE could have had Rollins turn, beat down Roman beyond recognition, and have him taken him off TV for a while. Have Rollins feud with Ambrose over the next few months and close out their program with Rollins beating down Ambrose beyond recognition. Reigns would make the save and there it is. Rollins vs Reigns. Then Roman wins clean in the end and gets super-over as a top face. Instead, he was force-fed down our throats for years as a corny babyface.

5.) Paul Heyman Guys

Paul E is one of the greatest wrestling minds in the entire business. His eye for talent and ability to tell a compelling story speak for themselves. However, his clientele in the WWE has been lackluster, unless of course, your name is Brock Lesnar or CM Punk. Heyman has been paired with guys like RVD, Cesaro, Big Show, and Curtis Axel failing to get any of them over organically.

4.) Braun Strowman

Braun finally won the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 36 and while we’re all happy to see him get his moment, it feels like it’s too late. Strowman was in the main event scene on Raw for a while, having multiple chances at the title but he was never able to win it from the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, or Brock Lesnar. But he was able to dominate a 50 year Goldberg thus making Strowman and the title look really weak. Three years ago Braun was the most over guy in the company. The crowd was so into him. But just like Ryback the WWE failed to pull the trigger while the coal was still hot.

3.) I got Kids!

Heath Slater’s free-agent run was the best work we’ve seen from him in his entire career. They could have done so much more with Slater during this time. His promo on Brock Lesnar was a defining moment in his career as he showed just how good on the mic he is. Slater did have a tag team title run but the WWE missed an opportunity to do so much more with him. But who knows maybe he will come back jacked as Drew and Jinder did.

2.) CM Punk

Yes, I know CM Punk has been blackballed from the WWE in the same way that Colin Kaepernick has from the NFL. But Punk is for much pettier reasons. CM Punk was the hottest star in the WWE and all he wanted was to be in the main event of WrestleMania (because HE DESERVED IT) but instead, Vince had The Rock and Cena’s spotfest close out the show two years in a row. When Punk realized he’d never be treated as the top star he truly was he lost his smile, took his ball, and went home.

1B.) Nexus

The story goes like this. Edge and Chris Jericho wanted to put Nexus over because they knew it would propel them into superstardom and turn them into a new version of the New World Order. They’d been booked very strong up until this point and a win at Summerslam would have given them the clout they needed. However, they crossed paths with Super Cena who insisted they lost so all the kids could go home happy. Not only did they lose the match but the way they lost made them look really weak and they were never able to recover from this.

1A.) WCW Invasion

Listen, I understand that all the big names from the WCW roster were under no-compete clauses and were being paid to stay at home. So the question I ask is why rush it? Why rush it? Why rush this WCW invasion?? Why not just buy the company, let Flair and Sting send the final Nitro home and then let WCW die down for a few months. Then once Hogan, Hall, Nash, Goldberg, Flair, etc were available you run the actual invasion. But, we know Vince was greedy and had to show his dominance over WCW both in reality and in kayfabe. However, had he waited and done this invasion angle the right way we could have seen real fireworks.

Are there other missed opportunities the WWE had that we left out? Tell us your thoughts down below in the comment section.

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