Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series Night 1 & 2 Results & Review

What a show! Warrior Wrestling kicked off their 2021 Summer Stadium Series with a bang. We saw 8 matches, including 3 title matches. We also got the Warrior Wrestling debut of Matt Cardona, the return of Deonna Purrazzo, and a battle between Jake Something and WARHORSE.

AND who can forget about Frank the Clown!!?! After being thrown out of the building twice, Frank showed up in a helicopter! However much to his dismay, Warrior Wrestling President Steve came out and said for his actions his guy, Robert Anthony will battle Lance Archer in July!

Let’s get into the show!

You can catch the replay on FITE TV here.

Jake Something defeated WARHORSE

This match was a match that I was pumped for going in. Two of the baddest dudes on the independent scene and the match didn’t disappoint. After a highly contested back and forth battle that spilled to the floor multiple times, it was Jake Something who got the win and continues his hot streak. The crowd as always was super into WARHORSE.

Deonna Purrazzo defeated Ray Lyn

I had the pleasure to meet both women before the show. Both are equally as kind as they are talented. I was very excited about this match going in. Deonna Purrazzo is on top of the world right now and Ray Lyn is an under-the-radar gem. After a very competitive contest, it was Purrazzo showing why she is one of the very best in the game right now, as she tapped out Ray Lyn to win the match.

KC Navarro defeated Cole Radrick

Talent! So much raw talent in this match. This match was your prototypical spot fest with both guys hitting big moves throughout the match. I thought Radrick had the match won a few times, but at the end of the day, it was Navarro who got his hand raised.

Beastman defeated Kongo Kong

Two big dudes who can move. Beastman is one agile big man. If you haven’t had a chance to check out his work make sure you do so. This match was physical and hit the floor several times. When it was all said and done it was the Husk that reigned victorious.

Matt Cardona defeated Sam Adonis

This is the match I was most looking forward to. Heck, the second I found out Matt Cardona was coming to Warrior Wrestling I instantly sent a tweet out saying that Sam Adonis is the perfect opponent and to make this match happen and Warrior Wrestling did just that made this match happen. This was a solid back-and-forth affair between two big dudes. Sam Adonis verbally gave it to Cardona and then showed him that he can back his mouth up much to the pleasure of the Chicago crowd. However, it was Cardona who got the win. I will have to say that as over as Matt Cardona was, the crowd was 50-50 for Adonis. Fun match. Always a pleasure seeing Sam Adonis live.

Warrior Wrestling Women’s Title: Kylie Rae (c) defeated Holidead

The return of Smiley Kylie Rae but it was Holidead who I was impressed with the most. Holidead was immensely talented in the ring and really knew how to work the crowd. She was the perfect foe in Rae’s return back to the ring. Fun match. Kylie Rae gets the win and will go on to take on Thunder Rosa in July at the next Warrior Wrestling event.

Warrior Wrestling Title: Trey Miguel (c) defeated Lee Moriarty

The Warrior Wrestling Champion Trey Miguel battled the Independent Wrestling Champion Lee Moriarty. This was a really fun contest that saw Trey Miguel retain his title. Both guys showed why they are at the top of the independent wrestling circuit right now.

Warrior Wrestling Lucha Title War Of Attrition Match (vacant): Aramis defeats Arez, Black Taurus, Canis Lupus, Dragon Bane, Golden Dragon, Gringo Loco, Laredo Kid

What a match!! Match of the night!! For the Warrior Wrestling Lucha Title in a War of Attrition Match Aramis survives to defeat 7 other competitors in route to becoming the first champion. These 8 men stole the show. Tore the stadium down at Warrior Wrestling. This match was especially fun for me as it was my first time seeing a lot of these guys live such as Laredo Kid and Gringo Loco. Great back and forth. After the match, the crowd gave these men a well-deserved standing ovation to end the night.

Overall, what a great night of professional wrestling. From start to finish this show was a blast.

Thank you Warrior Wrestling. Thank you Steve and Eric for continually putting on great shows.

Night 2

Warrior Wrestling held Night 2 of their 3 Night Stadium Series on Saturday, July 17th, and this event was fantastic! From start to finish there was nonstop action, and get this, I got to throw my first-ever chop during a wrestling match!!

During the Lance Archer and Robert Ego Anthony match, they were fighting through the crowd and while fighting Archer held Anthony and had me chop him! This was definitely one of the highlights of my life, my wife and I marked out like crazy.

In addition to the great in-ring work, before the show, Warrior Wrestling holds a meet and greet with the performers on the show. Tonight my wife and I got to meet a bunch of performers including Kylie Rae (who is Melissa’s absolute favorite), The Machine Brian Cage, The Murderhawk Monster Lance Archer, Davey Richards, Aramis, Lee Moriarty, Lady Frost, The Savage Gentleman Victor Benjamin, Calvin Tankman, KC Navarro, and Dante Martin. I’d like to thank them all for taking the time, each and every one of them were great to talk to! Other wrestlers at the show included The Varsity Blonds (Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr.) with Julia Hart, Danhausen, and Jonathan Gresham. The Varsity Blonds were the most popular act with the crowd. Their line was the longest from the time the gates opened up until the opening bell. 

Before we get into the results of the show I just wanted to hit on a couple of tidbits:

  • Dante Martin and KC Navarro both have a bright future, their match to start the show was electric.
  • I’ve never seen Danhausen so I didn’t know much about him going in but he was as advertised and that is a lot of fun, and he was good in the ring. 
  • Calvin Tankman is a big man and he can go in the ring! I think that guy is going to have a big future in the business. 
  • The Warrior Wrestling Lucha Libre Champion Aramis can do no wrong. He is incredible in the ring and tells a great story. Back to back shows that he has been one of the best on the show. 
  • Lance Archer tore the house down tonight!
  • Simply put…Kylie Rae is the BEST!


Dante Martin defeated KC Navarro

This was a really fun match to start the show. It was a back-and-forth showing that showed off both guys’ athleticism. They are both incredibly young with Navarro at 22 and Martin at 20. The crowd really dug this match and gave both guys their due after the match.

Danhausen defeated Lee Moriarty

Fun match. First time I have seen Danhausen and I get why he was so over with the crowd and consistently had one of the longest lines during the Fan Fest. I was surprised to see Danhausen get the win. Lee Moriarty has now lost his last two Warrior Wrestling matches but at least he’s looked good doing it.

Calvin Tankman defeated Jordan Oliver

I didn’t know much about either one of these guys going into the match but this match impressed me, especially Tankman. Both men knew how to work the crowd and tell a story. Tankman is a big dude. At one point they fought in the crowd and Tankman hit a really cool running tackle on the field after putting Oliver in a fans’ chair. The match ended when Tankman hit a power move for the 1-2-3. Both guys made fans of me tonight. 

Jonathan Gresham defeated Davey Richards

Let’s just say that this match was PURE. Two of the best in-ring specialists in the game and it was a pleasure to watch them live. Richards was over with the crowd as it was his first time back in Chicago after five years! At one point during the match, Richards hit Gresham with 30 straight head butts, it was wild. They would continue to go back and forth and exchange hard strikes and submissions but at the end of the match, it was Gresham getting the win by submission. After the match, both men showed a great deal of respect to one another. 

The Varsity Blonds with Julia Hart defeated Benjamin and Holliday with Lady Frost

This was a fun tag team match. As I said earlier, the Blonds were really over today. Both Benjamin and Holliday looked good. They are old-school heels. They knew how to play to the crowd and having Lady Frost out there helped. This might be an unpopular opinion, as I know Brian Pillman Jr. is so over with the crowd, but I think that Griff Garrison has the most potential on that team. Seeing that kid in person made me realize how big he is and he can go! It’s GRIFF time! The Blonds got the win after their combo finisher. After the match, Lady Frost laid out Julia Hart and there was a brawl between the men. 

Warrior Wrestling Lucha Libre Championship: Aramis defeated Daga

The inaugural Lucha Libre Championship match was the main event of Stadium Series Night 1 and that was one of the best matches I have seen live. It was also Aramis’ coming-out party to the Warrior Wrestling crowd. And tonight in his first defense he continued that coming-out party. Aramis and Daga wrestled in a highly contested back and forth contest with plenty of near falls. At one point I almost thought Daga was going to pull it off but he didn’t and the champion retained his title after back-to-back spinning powerbombs. Great match.

Brian Cage defeated Ninja Mack

Ninja Mack was new to me. He is a smaller wrestler dressed like a ninja and can do crazy acrobatics. This match was fun to start but Cage should have won in about half the time. Mack kicked out of an F5 that I thought should have ended the match but Cage eventually got the win. Mack was fun. The crowd dug him. Cage is the man. It’s only a matter of time before he is challenging for his Warrior Wrestling Championship again.

No Holds Barred: Lance Archer defeated Robert “Ego” Anthony

This was the match of the night!! And no not because I got to deliver a world-class knife edge chop to Robert “Ego” Anthony but because this match was a heck of a time. This match came about after Frank the Clown just wouldn’t leave the stadium during Night 1, he even went as far as to come back to the stadium in a helicopter. Warrior Wrestling President Steve Tortorello then came out and announced this match. This match started with Archer running through seven knockoff clowns. Then the two big boys fought all over the arena and beat the heck out of each other. They fought literally all over the field. At one point coming over by us and letting me and another gentleman in our area chop Anthony. This was awesome. Such a cool experience. Once the match got back in the ring Archer beat down Anthony a little more before hitting Everybody Dies and picking up the win. After the match, Archer picked up Frank the Clown and literally carried him up the bleachers and threw him out of the stadium. 

Warrior Wrestling Women’s Championship: Kylie Rae defeated Lady Frost with Holliday and Benjamin

The main event of the evening is here! Smiley Kylie is back again to defend her title and it is always great to see her. Lady Frost is awesome. She has a great look and is really solid in the ring. Holliday and Benjamin played a part in the match, at one point Benjamin hit Kylie, and then Frost hit a perfect moonsault for a 2. That was the closest Frost would get as not long after Kylie rolled her up for the 3 and kept her title. After the match, Frost attacked Kylie. Not long after Frost attacked, the Varsity Blonds and Julia Hart ran out to make the save and the night ended with the Blonds, Hart, and Kylie on each ring post basking in the cheers. 

Really fun show!!

You can catch the replay of this show on FITE

Warrior Wrestling will be back with the third installment of their Stadium Series on August 21st. Advertised for the show so far are Kylie Rae, Thunder Rosa, Brian Cage, Alan “V” Angels of the Dark Order, and… SWITCHBLADE JAY WHITE!!!