Warrior Wrestling 19 Results & Review

Warrior Wrestling 19 Results & Review

Warrior Wrestling 19 took place on Saturday 2/12/22 at Cicero Stadium in Cicero, Illinois. The show featured 9 matches including two title matches. In the main event, Thunder Rosa defended her Warrior Wrestling Women’s Championship against Athena.

Luckily, I was able to catch this show at Cicero Stadium with my wife and our son. We took him to his first wrestling show. He’s only 1 and a half so we were nervous to take him but he was into the show from start to finish. As were we. The action was nonstop from the time the opening bell rang to the end of the main event. We’ve been to many Warrior Wrestling events and like every other Warrior show we have been to this show was great! Let’s get into it.

Warrior Wrestling Lucha Championship Match: Sam Adonis (c) def. Lince Dorado – via countout

The show started with a bang as Sam Adonis and Lince Dorado wrestled a hardcore luchador banger of match for the Warrior Wrestling Lucha Champioship. Both guys took it to each other both inside and outside the ring. After a great back and forth battle Sam Adonis got the win by count out. This match was a lot of fun because it showed the audience and the people watching at home how great Dorado is. He is charismatic in the ring and he can go. And as always Sam Adonis was fantastic. Mr. Warrior Wrestling put on a clinic while defending his Warrior Wrestling Lucha Championship for the first time. I would think that this won’t be the last that we will see of these two. Perhaps, a three way with Aramis?! Good stuff here.

Dalton Castle def. WARHORSE

A battle of two different personalities. Dalton Castle is making his Warrior Wrestling debut, whereas WARHORSE is wrestling in his 9th Warrior Wrestling match. Castle really worked the crowd well while WARHORSE was over as always. The match was solid with a surprising ending as Dalton Castle picked up the win against the fan favorite WARHORSE.

Skye Blue def. Miranda Alize

Our next match saw Skye Blue putting her undefeated Warrior Wrestling record on the line against Miranda Alize who was making her debut. Both women worked the crowd really well. The fans were really into this match, of course with the majority rooting on Chicago’s own Skye Blue. After a back and forth battle Skye picks up the win.

Blake Christian def. Alex Zayne, Myron Reed, and Gringo Loco

BANGER ALERT!!! This match was incredible and lived up to the expectations it had going in. With 4 talented athletes like we had here of course it was going to be incredible. From bell to bell it was nonstop wildness. Every guy got their moves in and looked good throughout the course of the match but it was Blake Christian who came out on top. At one point, Christian hit a Spanish Fly on Myron Reed off the shoulders of Gringo Loco and Alex Zayne, incredible. After the match Christian grabbed the mic and said that he is coming for Will Ospreay and the Warrior Wrestling Championship.

The Acclaimed def. Brian Cage and KC Navarro

Papa Cage and Kid Cage came out first to a big pop from the Chicago crowd. They were followed by The Acclaimed and per usual they had something to say. Platinum Max Caster grabbed the mic and dropped some sweet verses on Brian Cage and KC. Referencing Cage’s lack of TV time in AEW and KC signing a contract with Court Bauer and MLW. Chicago LOVED The Acclaimed. After Anthony Bowens did his thing KC and the Swolverine grabbed the mic and KC asked if we wanted to hear Cage rap. We did and he rapped. Pretty good stuff about how he might not be on TV but he still makes more money then them and other small digs. It was a fun start to the match. As far as the match itself, it was very good. Both teams put on a great showing. After a ref bump, The Acclaimed brought in a chain and used it on KC. The match ended after a big elbow drop from Platinum Max for a victory for The Acclaimed. Fun match.

Santana def. Speedball Mike Bailey

This match could easily have been match of the night if I was doing that sort of thing on here. It was incredible. Both of these guys are incredible. The strikes from both guys had the crowd gasping. Very hard, physical match. They told a beautiful story with many near falls through out. The crowd was very into this one especially after Santana hit the 3 Amigos suplex and the crowd went wild with Eddie chants. The match really felt like it could go either way but in the end it was Santana getting the victory. After the match the two showed respect with a handshake. Santana was awesome to watch as a solo act.

Dante Martin def. Bandido

This one was a lot of fun but had big shoes to fill following the previous match. The crowd was into both guys as they are both so talented. They both hit some of their big spots which got the crowd off their feet but at the end it was Dante Martin picking up the victory when he hit his finisher on Bandido.

ROH Tag Team Championship Match: The Briscoes (c) def. The Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry and JD Drake)

Another match that could have been match of the night. This match was the epitome of what tag team wrestling should be. Sometimes it was slow and methodical, while other times it was fast paced and hard hitting. We saw many double team maneuvers and great teamwork from both teams. Their were two different points in the match that we had a chop off between JD Drake and Mark Briscoe and the second one was really funny because they asked each other why they were doing it again. I can’t say enough good things about The Workhorsemen. It would be awesome to see them on TV somewhere together. They were so good. So many close finishes and near falls in this match. If you have a chance to go back and watch this show I really recommend this match. After a great showing by The Workhorsemen, the Briscoes picked up the win and retain their ROH Tag Team Championships.

Warrior Wrestling Women’s Championship Match: Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Athena – Draw

It’s time for the main event!! Another match that could have been the match of the night. In a 30 minute barn burner for the Warrior Wrestling Women’s Championship, Athena wrestled Thunder Rosa to a draw. This match was everything we expected it to be and more. The crowd was hot for both women with dueling Thunder Rosa/Athena chants. These two battled back and forth inside and outside of the ring. At one point, Athena laid in the ring and claimed an injury, only to lure Rosa in and take advantage. She followed it up with jumping jacks and lunges showing she was good. At the end of the match, Athena hit The Eclipse on Thunder Rosa but couldn’t pin her before time expired. And the bell rang. After the match both women spoke. Athena thanked the crowd for helping remind her about why she loved pro wrestling and Thunder Rosa gave a passionate speech about women’s wrestling and treating the women like the men. Both ladies left to loud applause. We can almost asuredly bet that we will see this match again in the future.

What a show! Exhilariting. From start to finish this show was amazing with 4-5 match of the night candidates. If you have never been to or watched a Warrior Wrestling show, I highly recommend it. Tonight had a great crowd, great wrestling, and an overall great experience!