The Year-End WWE Awards: Pandemic Era

The Year-End Awards: Pandemic Era

Yes, wrestling fans we are finally at the point where WWE will resume their touring schedules bringing the action to live audiences across the globe. Now this pandemic lasted way longer than I think anyone expected but thankfully it’s over. With that being said I think the WWE isn’t given enough credit for the way they adjusted things on the fly and still put out weekly content, PPVs, and created the award-winning Thunderdome. Today I want to highlight some of the performers that made the Pandemic Era so special.

Tag Team of the Year: None

Let’s get this one out of the way first. Being a main roster tag team means that you will never be pushed in any capacity that will make you look good or better than you would as a singles competitor and you are 1000% going to fall victim to 50/50 booking on a weekly basis.

Breakout Star of the Year: Bobby Lashley

In 2021, we finally saw Bobby Lashley capture the long-alluded WWE Championship and I must say we are finally seeing Lashley pushed in a way he should have always been. Adding MVP just gives Lashley another layer to his character. I’ll even go as far as saying Bobby Lashley and MVP are the best thing going on Raw right now, and Raw is a bad show a VERY BAD show but Lashley and MVP segments always seem to deliver.

Comeback Star of the Year: Finn Balor

Finn had been killing it since going back to NXT, but I don’t think anyone would’ve imagined Balor would turn in the best performances of his career. Balor was called on to take Karrion Kross’ spot as NXT Champion after he suffered an injury and he delivered in a big way by putting on clinics weekly. After this past run in NXT Balor to me is the only guy I think stands a chance against our next entry on this list

Moment of the Year: Roman Reigns turns Heel

I have long been a Roman Reigns fan and his run right now isn’t a big surprise to me, but man is isn’t he the best thing in all of wrestling today or what!?!?!? Reigns has transformed Smackdown into the premiere wrestling show. Roman has sold more merchandise and topped everyone else in the ratings in his segments alone. Roman is truly the Tribal Chief.

Shock Moment of the Year: Post WrestleMania releases 

The WWE has never cared about what the fans think about them and the pandemic was no different. At the beginning of the pandemic, they released over 50 employees (wrestlers, refs, on-air talent, etc.) this day would become to be known as Black Wednesday. And almost a year to the date of Black Wednesday, the WWE would do another round of talent cuts releasing notable names, and infamously sending Mickie James the last of her belongings in a black trash bag.

Superstar of the Year: Asuka 

And last but not least Superstar of the Year during the Pandemic Era…You could argue Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, or Bayley but the only answer and the MVP of the Pandemic Era was Asuka. Asuka was the most consistent performer through the whole pandemic. Her matches in between the ropes are always solid and entertaining, her character development was on full display as Asuka showed more personality than she had been able to before, and mainly what you expect out of almost every MVP Asuka showed an ability to make everyone around her better.

Asuka’s Pandemic highlights 

  • Money in the Bank Winner
  • 2 Time Raw Women’s Champion
  • 1 WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion

What do you think about our list? Who did we leave out, tell us more in the comment section below!

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