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The Wrestling Index Podcast Network

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The Wrestling Index Podcast — You can find every episode of The Wrestling Index Podcast on Spotify. What’s going on wrestling universe!! Welcome to The Wrestling Index Podcast!! On The Wrestling Index Podcast, TK is joined by Big Sexy Matt Tracht, as they break down the current wrestling product with previews, predictions, and recaps while also giving you the best armchair booking out there!! Real opinions by Real fans!! We call it as we see it!! No bullshit!! Enough said?!?! 

Interview Podcasts

  • Toned in Entertainment — You can find Toned in Entertainment on Youtube. Hey everyone!!! I’m Tony Miller the creator of Toned in Entertainment and we have fun on Toned in Entertainment!! I’ve been a wrestling fan my entire life and now I get to bring wrestling interviews here on the channel.
  • Straight Talk WrestlingLinktree A huge wrestling fan all his life with a passion and understanding for the business. I decided to start Straight Talk Wrestling as a weekly show breaking down the business. I then took a turn to interviewing and helping promote the Canadian independent wrestling scene. Eventually, I branched into mainstream interviews with current stars and legends from the past. Now with my daughter, “The Mini Host”, this dad-daughter duo is set for the stars!
  • Last Minute Wrestling Podcast — You can find the LMW Podcast on, Spreaker, iTunes, Youtube, Spotify, and Podchaser. Last Minute Wrestling Podcast is a show focused on the business side of pro-wrestling with particular attention to the UK and EU indie scene. Each week the host Francesco “Frank” Mandolini will provide Interviews to wrestlers, producers, business owners as well as the occasional analysis of wrestling-related products (movies, TV shows, merch, etc.) and some major PPVs.
  • Rewind Recap Relive — You can find every episode of the Rewind, Recap, Relive Podcast on Youtube. Welcome everyone to Rewind Recap Relive! Where Legends and Rising Stars Meet each week to discuss their careers, road stories, advice on breaking into the pro wrestling business, and so much more!
  • It’s My House Podcast — You can find the It’s My House Podcast on Youtube. Welcome to It’s My House Podcast! I’m your host Chris Deez and I’ll be bringing you a whole lot of top guest interviews, news, reviews, live streams, and much more!

News & Review Podcasts

  • Alliance Pro Wrestling Network — You can find the Alliance Pro Wrestling Network on Youtube and Spotify. The Alliance Pro Wrestling Network is run by Lewis Carlan and is home to great pro wrestling content which includes The Sunday Special Interview, Alliance Pro Wrestling Network Podcast, and more! Lewis Carlan has been a fan of professional wrestling since 1978.
  • Terrible Wrestling Takes Podcast — You can also find every episode of this podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and Anchor. Terrible Wrestling Takes, because if I said they were good takes, well….you know….the internet. I’m here to tell it how I see things. Give my opinion and hopefully some clarity to how wrestling is viewed today. I judge the landscape of wrestling based on what is on TV, not who I think did what and why. 
  • Clark Street Wrestling — You can find the Clark Street Wrestling Podcast on Spotify, Youtube, and Welcome to the Clark Street Wrestling Podcast. This is a weekly show where we cover WWE, NXT, and AEW TV plus Pay-Per-Views, through a sports and kayfabe lense.
  • The Universal Wrestling Podcast — You can find the Universal Wrestling Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and on the Linktree. We’re just two guys from South Jersey talking all things wrestling. We’ve been fans of pro wrestling since Taker threw Mankind off the Hell in the Cell in 98’. We’ve been to countless wrestling events from all different promotions and we just love talking wrestling. Each episode we’ll discuss everything from inside the ring, to outside the ring, from current events to promotions like AEW, WWE, IMPACT, and NWA. We’re passionate and love the wrestling industry and we hope you’ll tune in and be a part of this journey with us.
  • Top Rope Wrestling Talk — You can find the Top Rope Wrestling Talk Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Anchor. Here at TRWT. Dom, Bruce, and Wendy discuss all things pro wrestling in a Unique way while using one-of-a-kind segments and humor. 
  • MLW Rewind  — Welcome to the MLW Rewind where host George McKay breaks down Major League Wrestling. On the show, he has frequent guests, different co-hosts, and great weekly coverage of MLW Fusion.
  • 2 Heels and a Face Podcast — You can find the 2 Heels and a Face Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, and their website We believe wrestling is a buffet. Every fan enjoys it differently. 2 Heels And A Face is a wrestling podcast that celebrates not only the drama of wrestling but also the booking and in-ring action. There is something for everyone. We are local to Chicago and will talk about independent Chicago Wrestling shows and promotions, as well as WWE and NJPW.
  • 3 Points of Articulation — You can find us on Youtube and Podbean. 3 chaps talking all things WWE figures and having a bloody good time doing it! 3 Points of Articulation Podcast is home to a variety of show topics including News World Order, Pick me Ups, Under-Rated R Superstar, Break It Down, Q+A, and more.

Old School Wrestling Review Podcasts

  • The Wrestling Matt Podcast — You can find every episode of The Wrestling Matt Podcast on iTunes, Anchor, and Spotify. Do you just like having some beers with the boys in the back? Then come join us at The Wrestling Matt Podcast Every Monday! The most electrifying man in podcasting, The Matty Daddy, leads us along wrestling rewinds, promos, impressions, and fantasy booking. We’ve got a crew of seven strong and we can go All Night Long!! From Podcasts to Wrestling, we have you covered!
  • Main Event Marks — You can find the Main Event Marks Podcast on Spreaker, iTunes, and Spotify. It’s the best of retro wrestling! Former media personality, Troy, & walking Wrestling Encyclopedia, Greg, will teach you something and make you laugh with breakdowns of the best, worst, and funniest subjects from pro wrestling’s past! These two lifelong wrestling marks and memorabilia collectors will bring you not only the fan’s perspective, but all the news and backstage goodness they can dig up after the fact!

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