Mock WWE G1 Climax Tournament | Night Three

Mock WWE G1 Climax Tournament | Night Three

What’s up wrestling community! Your boy TK is back with Big Sexy for another fun draft. This time we drafted for a New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax-like tournament. For those not familiar with the G1, there are two blocks with 10 wrestlers, in our case we drafted 12 wrestlers each because the WWE roster is just too big to stop at 10. Once the blocks are established every wrestler wrestles every wrestler in the block. You get two points for a win. In the end, whoever has the most points from each block wins their block. Then the two winners go on to face each other in the Finals. For our draft, each champion was assigned to a block. Bobby Lashley to TK and Roman Reigns to Big Sexy. Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, and Walter went top 5.

Along with the draft we will be releasing cards for every night of our WWE G1 Climax Tournament. We will keep track of the winners and the standings along the way and we will have a winner for our tournament!

Standings After Night Two

TKBig Sexy
1WALTER (2-0)AJ Styles (2-0)
2Drew McIntyre (2-0)Finn Balor (2-0)
3Ciampa (2-0)Roman Reigns (2-0)
4Seth Rollins (1-1)Shinsuke Nakamura (2-0)
5Bobby Lashley (1-1)Kevin Owens (1-1)
6Keith Lee (1-1)Big E (1-1)
7Johnny Gargano (1-1)Cesaro (1-1)
8Adam Cole (1-1)Sheamus (1-1)
9Randy Orton (1-1)Pete Dunne (0-2)
10RIddle (0-2)Baron Corbin (0-2)
11Ricochet (0-2)Apollo Crews (0-2)
12Damian Priest (0-2)Karrion Kross (0-2)

Night Three

**Winners in Bold**


  • Riddle (1-2) def. Damian Priest (0-3)
  • Randy Orton (2-1) def. Johnny Gargano (1-2)
  • Adam Cole (2-1) def. Ricochet (0-3)
  • Seth Rollins (2-1) def. Keith Lee (1-2)
  • WALTER (3-0) def. Ciampa (2-1)
  • Bobby Lashley (2-1) def. Drew McIntyre (2-1)

Big Sexy

  • Pete Dunne (1-2) def. Baron Corbin (0-3)
  • Apollo Crews (1-2) def. Sheamus (1-2)
  • Cesaro (2-1) def. Kevin Owens (1-2)
  • Karrion Kross (1-2) def. Big E (1-2)
  • Shinsuke Nakamura (2-1) def. Roman Reigns (2-1)
  • AJ Styles (3-0) def. Finn Balor (2-1)

That’s it for Night Three of our Mock WWE G1 Climax Tournament. After 3 nights of action, there are only 3 undefeated superstars left. Come back tomorrow for Night Four!

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