Cody Rhodes and AEW Officially Part Ways…Or Do They?

Cody Rhodes and AEW Officially Part Ways…Or Do They?

Today, a big shock was sent across the wrestling world as Cody and Brandi Rhodes have officially parted ways with AEW. Rumors had been circulating over the past month and a half that Cody was no longer under contract, but even so, he won the TNT Championship for a third time while Brandi was in the process of starting a program with Paige Van Zant. But today Tony Khan, Brandi, and Cody himself all released statements about the Rhodes officially parting ways. From there the internet blew up. Just hours before the internet was buzzing over a potential Stone Cold Steve Austin return match and boom Cody and AEW part ways. It steals the spotlight and the internet goes crazy.

Of course rumors swirl. Cody to WWE?!?!? Will he show up on Raw? Smackdown? Is he going to dethrone Roman Reigns? These are the questions and comments that you will find scrolling across wrestling social media. But I think we need to slow down on those rumors and peel back the layers just a little bit.

Since leaving WWE, Cody has blown up. He has done great things for himself. NWA World Heavyweight Champion, ROH Champion, IWGP United States Champion, oh and was a catalyst in starting the closest thing the WWE has had to competition in 10 years. He turned himself into a star. Main events. Reality shows. Love him or hate him Cody was the heart and soul of AEW. Certainly not the best, and not very likable to many, but he was the guy that you knew put this all together. There was a team. I understand Kenny and The Bucks, and most importantly Tony Khan and his capital helped backbone AEW but Cody was the guy who put it all together. And now I am just supposed to believe he is going to walk away? And go back to the place that he has trashed for the better part of five years?

I don’t think so.

I think Cody going back to WWE would be a huge splash for him and for WWE. One of the biggest stories in some time. I’m sure it would equate to a big payday and a big feud or two to start. Hell, as I said he’s turned himself into a star. So it would be a huge deal for Cody to show up on the road to Wrestlemania. But would WWE take him back? Absolutely. Vince has gotten into it and made amends with plenty of people throughout the years such as Bruno Sammartino, Ultimate Warrior, Dusty Rhodes, and even the competition like Eric Bischoff. Vince could welcome Cody home and look at it like he defeated Cody and that it’s a huge shot at AEW. If he even cares. Cody could come in and get into a feud with a guy like Seth Rollins and have a high-end match at Wrestlemania. But again, I don’t see this happening.

What I see happening is that Cody stays in AEW. He signs a new contract with Tony Khan and in that contract, he is able to challenge for the AEW World Championship. As we know, right now Cody can’t challenge for that title ever again. What better way to make Cody the biggest heel in the business than to bring him back with a clause that he can compete for the championship and then have him defeat Hangman? Cody is hated. He is already. This solidifies the heel heat. And this solidifies Cody as a top guy and keeps him where he belongs. As the heart and soul of AEW. Then you can have CM Punk, Jon Moxley, Hangman, Wardlow, Bryan Danielson, etc potentially chase Cody.

Let me know where you think Cody is going to end up below!