5 Potential Matches For Stone Cold Steve Austin At Wrestlemania 38

5 Potential Matches For Stone Cold Steve Austin At Wrestlemania 38

Rumors are circulating that after 19 years, Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to come out of retirement for one more match. I still need to see this to believe it. For 58, Austin is still in tremendous shape and would be able to tell a great story in the ring. With the show being in Dallas and Kevin Owens trashing Texas on Raw this week it looks like we could be heading to a KO vs Stone Cold match but let’s take a look at a couple of other options. Here are my top 5 potential matches for Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 38.

5. Bobby Lashley

If The Almighty doesn’t retain his WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber he is going to be very angry and looking to take that anger out on somebody. Maybe Stone Cold shows up on Raw and crosses paths with Bobby. Bobby doesn’t take too kindly to some remarks. Hurt Lock. And we have the start of a Wrestlemania program.

4. Austin Theory

Vince McMahon’s pupil against Vince McMahon’s arch-nemesis. This could be fun for the storytelling between Austin and McMahon. One last program between two bitter rivals. Plus, Austin Theory is a stud in the ring and would work a good match with Austin. The rub Theory would get from this would be huge.

3. Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins

It’s entirely possible that Austin is cleared to work a match but what if it is a tag match? Instead of working a singles match and taking multiple bumps maybe he teams with somebody like AJ Styles to take on Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. Or does somebody like The Undertaker come back to help Stone Cold against Owens and Rollins? The possibilities are endless with this one.

2. Seth Rollins

If WWE does not move forward with Austin and Owens the second-best choice for a match with Stone Cold would be with Seth Rollins. Rollins could carry Austin to a good match and the program leading up to it would be great. I don’t think it will be Rollins but again if for whatever reason they flop and don’t give us Owens and Austin then Rollins is the best choice.

1. Kevin Owens

Ding, ding, ding!!! We’ve got a winner. This program would be awesome and it would finally give Kevin Owens the big Wrestlemania program that he deserves. KO is so good in the ring and on the mic. The back and forth with Austin and KO would be incredible. Austin raggin’ on him for using the Stunner. The match would be a lot of fun. Dallas will want Austin to kick Owen’s ass and Austin will give it to them. The two of them would tell a great story in Austin’s first match back in 19 years with Austin showing KO how to hit the Stunner for the 1-2-3.

Are you pumped for a potential Stone Cold Steve Austin return?!?! Who would you like to see him wrestle if he does return?